Dear church family,     
In response to the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak, the church’s Emergency Response Team wants to do everything we can to support our members who may become more isolated during this difficult time from friends, family, and their church community.  So, we are searching for volunteers to be part of our Care and Concern Team.  There are two types of volunteers we are seeking:

1.  Prayer Partners.  These people will check in by telephone and/or email with folks to see how they are doing and to ask if they need anything.  They will relay concerns and needs to leaders of the team.   2.  Supply Runners.  These people will secure groceries or other supplies for people who may not be able to retrieve them themselves.

If you’d like to fulfill one or both of these tasks, please email myself ( or Jenny Trussell ( 
Thank you for being a compassionate people.  Thank you for loving your neighbor.

Sincerely, Rev. Matt Nieman