Good morning, FPC family,               
Here’s a short mid-week devotional for your Wednesday: Midweek devotional 04-1-20.
Next week is Holy Week, a most sacred week in our worshiping life. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we will still be worshiping together only online. Look for an email with the link this Saturday and find it online at The last few years, we’ve had a Good Friday Prayer Vigil in the sanctuary, where people came to the sanctuary to pray or prayed from home. This year, the prayer vigil will take place only from our homes. I invite you to sign up by clicking on this link and entering your name in one of the 30-minute slots:  
Unfortunately, due to the Safer at Home guidelines we are all practicing for the next month, we’ve had to cancel the Posies for the Pantry flower sale scheduled for April 18 to benefit the Shepherd of Hope Food Pantry. Betty Nicholls and her cadre of volunteers are disappointed, of course. Perhaps there will be a sale in the fall. We’ve cancelled this event because it’s very important that all of us stay home if possible. We must minimize our outings. Online grocery delivery and pickup is a must if you’re able to do it. If you need to get out, try limiting your grocery shopping to once a week for the time being. The more all of us stay home, the greater the chance fewer of us will be infected and we can get past this sooner. (The medical professional in our family is rubbing off on me.)            

Finally, thanks to Carol Kraft, who saw this and passed it along. There’s truth here:  Also highly contagious: kindness, patience, love, enthusiasm and a positive attitude! Don’t wait to catch it from others. BE THE CARRIER!!!!!  

May the Lord bless you and keep you this week.  
Rev. Matt Nieman