Adult Bible Study

The Bible Study Sunday school class has changed to Lectionary-based lessons, so each week we look at the texts that the sermon and worship service are developed from.  We meet under the trees in the parking lot in good weather, and in the parlor in bad weather.  The conversation is lively, and we welcome new voices anytime!

Monday Connection

The name of this class is derived from the idea that we endeavor to strengthen our faith during our Sunday morning class in order to connect it to the remainder of the week.  The class explores a wide range of topics which are biblical-based, incorporating a variety of books, DVDs, and tapes which are selected by the class.  The format of this class is facilitated discussion and members who wish volunteer to lead the class for one or two consecutive Sundays.  

Currently, this class is studying:

In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake
by Patrick and Ruth Schwenk

Your Storm Doesn’t Have to Sink You—At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves in a boat in the middle of a lake. We might be there due to a job loss or the death of a loved one. Maybe disability, divorce, or financial insecurity has stranded us. Patrick and Ruth Schwenk found themselves feeling battered after five miscarriages and then surrounded by the waves with Patrick’s cancer diagnosis at age forty-three. They were alone. Drifting. And that’s when their transformation began.

In this compassionate and powerful bookthe Schwenks weave together lessons from their own experience with insightful Bible teaching to remind us that one of the greatest ways God transforms us is through trials. As they unpack why Jesus called the disciples into the middle of a lake when dry ground was so safe and comfortable, they help us to: 1) understand why the depth of our hurt enables us to experience deep hope; 2) learn to conquer fear to experience the freedom God has for us; and 3) discover how God uses chaos, and not just the classroom, to shape and work through us.

Today—in your confusion about God’s intentions, your disappointment over lost dreams, your disillusionment about prayer—God is offering hope. Because Jesus is still Lord over the water. And while he is not moved by the waves, he is moved by you. And this flood might just be a path to abundance.

In a Boat

Pastor Matt’s Class

Please join Pastor Matt’s Bible study in the library on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.  They have started a series on the Old Testament book of Proverbs.  The study is also available over Zoom.  Consult Pastor Matt’s Saturday morning email for the Zoom credentials.