Presbyterians are diverse. We have varying views on a number of issues, and we worship in a variety of styles. Yet, we all hold firm to a certain number of core beliefs. First, we believe that our authority is in the one God in three persons who is completely revealed in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Second, we believe that God has chosen to be in relationship to us by creating and redeeming the world. We respond to this amazing grace of God through our faithfulness and gratitude. Third, we believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the unique and authoritative witness to God. We study Scripture in many contexts so that it reveals God’s truth to us. And finally, our joyful response to God’s amazing grace comes by the way we live out our faith—in working for peace, justice, and the fulfillment of all God’s children.

Statement of Purpose:

We are a diverse and welcoming community of believers, called by God to make disciples of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to acknowledge God’s gracious presence in the world. Our faithful response in praising God encompasses compassionate service to all, nurturing one another to grow in faith together and sending out disciples to share the Good News.

To Praise God, Welcome All, Serve Others,
Grow in Faith and Make Disciples of Jesus Christ

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